April 13, 2024
Africa Finance Tech Technology

Unlocking Africa’s Financial Future: From Cash Kings to Digital Innovations

In 2017, World Bank figures revealed that just under 43% of sub-Saharan Africans over 15 years old possessed a bank account, lagging behind.

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Africa Science Tech Technology

STEM In Ghana: The Ghana1000 Initiative

STEM in Ghana Commencing from the academic year 2017/18, the government implemented free secondary school education in Ghana. As higher education experiences significant.

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Africa Business Politics Travel

Africa: Visa-Free Travel Becoming a Reality

Introduction Visa-free travel within a continent has been a long-cherished dream, and Europe has successfully achieved this through the Schengen Agreement. This agreement,.

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Africa Politics

The United States is set to remove Gabon, Niger, Uganda, and the Central African Republic from its trade program.

The United States will end the participation of Gabon, Niger, Uganda, and the Central African Republic in a trade program. What is The.

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