Ghana is trailing behind in the Human Development Index

Ghana is trailing behind in the Human Development Index

Human Development Index (HDI) stands for Human Development Index, which is a measure of a country's overall development based on three dimensions: health, education, and standard of living.
The HDI is calculated by the United Nations Development Programme (UNDP) and is used to rank countries based on their level of human development.
For instance, the UK's HDI score in 2021 was 0.9292, and it has experienced a steady increase in its HDI rankings over the years.

HDI Dimensions and Indicators according to UNDP


Countries with Very High Human Development

Here is a list of African countries ranked according to their HDI.

Very High Human Development

  • Mauritius: 63rd, HDI of 0.802 (Very High Human Development)

High Human Development

  • Seychelles: 72nd, HDI of 0.785 (High Human Development)
  • Algeria: 83rd, HDI of 0.745 (High Human Development)
  • Egypt: 91st, HDI of 0.731 (High Human Development)
  • Tunisia: 92nd, HDI of 0.731 (High Human Development)
  • Libya: 96th, HDI of 0.718 (High Human Development)
  • South Africa: 101st, HDI of 0.713 (High Human Development)
  • Gabon: 103rd, HDI of 0.706 (High Human Development)

Medium Human Development

  • Botswana: 106th, HDI of 0.693 (Medium Human Development)
  • Morocco: 121st, HDI of 0.683 (Medium Human Development)
  • Ghana: 133rd, HDI of 0.632 (Medium Human Development)

Low Human Development

  • Rwanda: 159th, HDI of 0.534 (Low Human Development)
  • Benin: 166th, HDI of 0.525 (Low Human Development)
  • Uganda: 168th, HDI of 0.484 (Low Human Development)

Ghana’s HDI

In 2021, Ghana ranked 133 out of 191 countries on the HDI Index, with an HDI value of 0.632. This places the country in the medium human development category.
The HDI is a composite measure that includes life expectancy, educational attainment, and income level, and it is used to measure not only incomes but also the quality of life and social institutions.
Ghana's HDI value has grown by 37.4% between 1990 and 2021, reflecting an increase in the country's development.

Ghana is trailing behind in HDI

However, when considering the unequal distribution of human development, Ghana records a loss of 27.5% in its HDI. This is due to high levels of gender inequality, which places Ghana at 130 out of 170 countries in terms of gender inequality between female and male achievements in 2021.
Ghana is trailing behind in the Human Development Index due to factors like low gross national income, healthcare challenges, education issues, infrastructure deficits, political instability, social disparities, and environmental challenges. Addressing these factors is crucial for improving human development outcomes in the country.

In summary, Ghana's Human Development Index (HDI) ranking in 2021 is 133 out of 191 countries, with an HDI value of 0.632. The country has experienced growth in its HDI value over the years but faces challenges in addressing gender inequality and ensuring a more equitable distribution of human development.