December 8, 2023
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Ghana is trailing behind in the Human Development Index

What is HDI? HDI stands for Human Development Index, which is a measure of a country’s overall development based on three dimensions: health,.

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Africa: Visa-Free Travel Becoming a Reality

Introduction Visa-free travel within a continent has been a long-cherished dream, and Europe has successfully achieved this through the Schengen Agreement. This agreement,.

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Tech Technology

According to the data, South Africa has the fastest internet speeds in Africa.

Background Africa is undergoing a digital transformation fueled by urbanization, population growth, and increased digitization of services. Investment in network infrastructure by governments,.

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Africa Politics

The United States is set to remove Gabon, Niger, Uganda, and the Central African Republic from its trade program.

The United States will end the participation of Gabon, Niger, Uganda, and the Central African Republic in a trade program. What is The.

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The African Union aims to create its credit rating agency. Here’s why.

The African Union (AU) is planning to create its own sovereign credit rating agency. The move is aimed at reducing the continent’s reliance.

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