February 25, 2024
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Airbnb Establishes $500,000 Fund for Inclusive and Sustainable Tourism in Africa

What It Entails

Over the next two years, Airbnb aims to collaborate with African governments and tourism organizations to discover and harness fresh tourism prospects, aid hosts and guests, bolster their communities, encourage emerging tourism entrepreneurs, and facilitate investments in the tourism ecosystem.

This pledge is an important demonstration of Airbnb’s continued commitment to a truly sustainable, diverse, and inclusive tourism industry – a travel economy for all.” Velma Corcoran, Regional Lead Middle East Africa at Airbnb

We believe in the power of public and private sector partnerships to support this important work, and we look forward to working together with governments, non-profits, and tourism organizations across Africa to make travel and hosting more accessible, safe, diverse, and affordable for everyone,” Velma added.

This commitment comes in response to an Economic Impact Report, revealing that Airbnb bolstered the South African economy with over R23.5 billion in 2022, creating nearly 50,000 jobs. This marked more than a twofold increase in its contribution to inclusive tourism growth since 2019.

The fund will be extended to non-profit organizations in Africa that focus on fostering economic empowerment, digital access, and sustainability in the region.

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